How to Save Instagram Videos, Stories, and Photos to Your Computer?

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This is a new tutorial for 2021 that explains how to save Instagram videos, pictures, and stories.

Want to save videos, pictures, and stories from Instagram?

This is a new tutorial for 2021 that explains how to save Instagram videos, pictures, and stories. 

The best part is that Instagram videos, pictures, and stories may now be downloaded in bulk. Before you download Instagram videos, make sure you get permission from the producers.

Please keep in mind that you may only download Instagram posts from public accounts using these techniques. With that in mind, read on to learn how to download Instagram pictures, videos, and stories.



Instagram: Save a lot of time by downloading posts in bulk.

The first technique we recommend allows you to download Instagram images and videos in bulk. It's compatible with both macOS and Windows 10, and all you need is Google Chrome. To get started, follow these instructions.

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store to get the Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message extension.
  • After you've installed the Instagram downloader, open Instagram in a new tab and navigate to the profile you want to download images and videos from.
  • Once the profile is loaded, you may hover over images and videos to download them to your computer by clicking the Download option.

To save an Instagram story, just open it and press the Download button to save the one that's now playing on-screen, or the Download all option to save all the stories that have been published to that Instagram account.

Last but not least, if you want to go to the top-right corner and click the Download all option. You may then specify the number of photographs you wish to download, as well as customize additional parameters. To continue, click Download when you've finished.

It features a highly user-friendly interface and a straightforward design. Simply copy the URL to the image or video you wish to save, and it will be downloaded to your device.

Use Instagram video downloader 

The approach we previously described is only applicable to computers. Follow these instructions to download Instagram videos, pics, and stories to your phone.

  • Visit to download Instagram videos
  • Tap the hamburger button on the home screen, then Tools, then Instagram Downloader.
  • Now, if you want to download a photo from a specific Instagram account, simply open the Instagram app, choose the photo, press the three-dots symbol in the top-right corner, and select the Copy link.
  • Return to the website, choose Download photo, then enter the URL into the blank box and search. The photo will display in the results below; click Download to proceed.
  • To download videos, you must do the same. You must paste the URL under Download video after copying it before.

Finally, to download Instagram stories, go to the website's Download Stories page and type in the username of the Instagram account you wish to download the story from. 

Then, underneath, you'll find both current and archived Highlights; simply press Download from under the piece you want to save to your phone, and you're done.

Download Instagram stories on pc

  • A handful of Instagram video downloaders are listed below that allow you to download Instagram videos, images, and stories to your phone and computer. To learn more, do these actions.
  • To download Instagram stories, go to using your phone or computer.
  • After the page has loaded, type in the username of your Instagram account in the search box and click Download.
  • To save the stories to your device, scroll down and choose Save as video.
  • Furthermore, go to on your phone or computer to download images and videos.
  • Open Instagram and copy the video or photo's URL.
  • Return to the website and type the URL into the search box. Scroll down and click Download Now to save the photo to your device after it has loaded on the webpage.


Finally, we have listed several Insta image downloader that can help you to download Instagram videos and stories of your own choice. So, hurry up and start using one of them.