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Skate Squad is a new Media Company that caters to the youth and young adults. Our focus is to provide apparel, shoes, boards, and accessories in an upper scale, industrial stylish environment.

By combining user-inspired videos with its own originally-produced content skate squad is creating a global showcase that blends compelling elements of skateboarding, music and entertainment with vibrant youth culture!

Skate Squad Saturdays

Join Us in our mission to enforce safe parks in our communities. Games of skate, prizes, giveaways, live music, vendors & more.

Competitive Edge

Skate Squad offers an enhanced shopping experience, while being competitively priced and keeping up with the latest trends of the world wide market. Our stellar customer service separates Skate Squad from the rest.

After School Program

Fund The Mental - Spring, Summer, & Fall Program, Serves our community by offering youth mentorship, Skate boarding fundamentals, empowering critical thinking skills, and the ability to build relationships.

Company Summary

Skate Squad's goal is to become the number one online skate shop community. By Blending elements of user generated content, rewarding community point system, original programming, live events, and eventually publications.

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